India using satellites for ‘disease mapping’

India using satellites for ‘disease mapping’


India is using its satellites to map areas in the entire country which have epidemic disease in an effort to predict and create an early warning system of outbreak of diseases.

“We are now putting in the space infrastructure and the satellite infrastructure in prediction and early warning and putting up an appropriate epidemological structure … like we have now surveillance system for rotavirus, we have a vaccine … this will be needed, now we have a surveillance system for measles, influenza, these network will have a surveillance system for TB and HIV AIDS,” Indian Council of Medical Research Director General N K Ganguly said today.

Delivering his keynote address here at the Indo-US symposium on Infectious Disease Research and Development, Ganguly said the country was using GIS and mathematical modelling to map the disease locations.

“With the GIS and mathematical modelling, we now can trace vectors in every nook and corner of the country, sometimes even in the house clusters,” he told delegates from leading Indian research institutions, DRDO and the US Army Medical Research and Material Command, US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), National Institutes of Health and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) among others.

Ganguly said the country was putting in a surveillance system for TB in 600 districts and with the assistance of CDCP has been able to have such system in 200 districts.

Source: The Hindu.