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India to set up Remote Sensing unit in Maldives

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India is undertaking satellite imaging and aerial services for Maldives as well as setting up a Remote Sensing Unit in the Island for analysing and updating the data created from digital mapping.

An agreement on this has already been signed and the project is currently under implementation. India has conveyed to Maldives that it is ready to provide the services on a continuing basis. The National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad of the Department of Space, which is executing the project, involves, creation of medium scale maps of the entire Maldives and large-scale maps of selected areas. Alongwith ground reference points, these maps will be used for generating a Geographical Information System which can be updated periodically.

The Agency will also assist Maldives in setting up the unit in Male, for maintaining the GIS and for using the satellite remote sensing data for thematic studies of land and oceans. The Indian Agency will also provide training to Maldivian scientists for running the centre and interpreting the remote sensing data.

Ministry of Science & Technology, India