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India to set up GIS-based health info system

New Delhi, India: India will set up GIS-based Citizen Health Information System (CHIS) – a biometric based health information system which will constantly update health record of every citizen-family, according to the country’s steering committee on health. In addition, as part of the 12th five year plan (2012-17), all district hospitals would be linked to leading tertiary care centres through telemedicine, Skype and similar audio visual media.
According to the committee, CHIS will incorporate information on service delivery in the public health system helping to make evidence-based and guideline compatible clinical decisions and make morbidity and mortality profile available. This will also help estimate burden of disease and facilitate policy decisions at state and national levels. 
“Placed on a GIS platform, it can identify geographic concentration of disease. The system will also provide hospital information service to improve the quality of care to patients through electronic medical records, to lower response time in emergency and improve hospital administration. It will support emergency response systems and referral transport arrangements, the organ retrieval and transplantation programme,” it added. 
Source: TOI