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India to open training centre for operational oceanography

India: An International training centre for Operational Oceanography will be set up at the India National Centre for Ocean Information Services at Hyderabad to meet the future demands of trained manpower, a top official said.

This would help in capacity building the field of earth science, Dr Shailesh Nayak Chairman, Earth System Science and Secretary Ministry of Earth sciences, said at the five day 11th biennial conference organised by the Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference (PORSEC-2012).

The centre would help train oceanographers in the specific area of Operational Oceanography, which makes regular observations in the ocean and uses the data for forecasts which is given to Indian Navy, Oil industry and the fishermen.

Stressing the role of oceans, Nayak said the issues relating to climate change cannot be understood without understanding the oceans. In the current scenario, oceans need to be understood globally and regionally, as per the requirements of society.

Earth science cannot remain any more an academic research. It needs to go further to provide information and advisories to the society, he said.

ISRO Chairman, Dr K Radhakrishnan said Saral Altika satellite, which will be launched in December this year, will map the variability of sea level.

ISRO was committed to developing and launching earth observation satellites, he said.

Saral-Altika will also carry the ARGOS system for CLS, France, which will help in the transmission of data from Argo floats.

Six satellites are being readied for launch from other countries, he said, adding, they will provide a wealth of information which would enable developing the data base and information network on the Indian Ocean.

Source: Business Standard