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India to launch military satellite CARTOSAT 2A

10 June 2007: India will launch its first dedicated military reconnaissance satellite CARTOSAT-2A on a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle rocket by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in the first week of August, to give the country the capability to monitor missile launches in its neighborhood.

CARTOSAT-2A will be an advanced remote sensing satellite with a single panchromatic camera capable of providing scene specific spot imageries for cartographic applications. The satellite will have high agility with capability to steer along and across the track up to +45 degrees. It will be placed in a sun-synchronous polar orbit at an altitude of 630 km. It will have a revisit period of 4 days, which can be improved to one day with suitable orbit manoeuvres. The panchromatic camera is designed to provide better than 1 m spatial resolution imageries with a swath of 10 km.

Launch of the first military satellite will be rapidly followed by the launch of two more advanced imaging satellites by next year to give India the capability of keeping an eye round-the-clock on the region surrounding the country.