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India to launch GPS-enabled helpline for women safety

India: With crimes against women continuing unabated in the country, two engineering students have created a helpline number for women that automatically traces the incident site (from where call was made) through GIS and GPS.

This system looks at reducing the emergency response period (ERP), allowing the police control room to transmit the location of the incident/accident to the nearest police team.

The duo felt the need for such a helpline after analysing that most cases of crime could have been averted if the police reached on time.

The city doesn”t have a 24×7 dedicated helpline for women, and even dialing 100 is no foolproof method as the system is not connected to any tracking device and police depend on the victim to give them a location clue. The bright minds behind the initiative, Yatendra Bhargava and Shraddha Vyas, are third year students of computer science. Both studied several cases to conclude that the biggest challenge for the police and other law enforcement agencies was to track the location of the victim.

The helpline designed by them has a portal which on receiving a call or a missed call automatically tracks the location of the caller and then transmits the information to the control room which searches for the nearest police station or PCR van.

The duo has given a demonstration of the helpline and sought time from the police department before entering into a tie up with them. The helpline number is yet to be finalised depending on its feasibility, to be judged by state government.

In light of the recent rape cases, the duo is programming the software to link the number with emergency ambulance service that can provide urgent medical attention to the victim.

The number has a software application with a number of modules that interact with each other to operate as an integrated system while at the same time these modules can also operate independently: receiving the voice call or just a missed call, communication module, GIS module and automatic victim location Module. The project has received widespread appreciation at several forums.

Source: TOI