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India to launch comprehensive drive to make all land records online

New Delhi, India, 2 January 2007 – Some states have already done it but now the Central Government is planning to launch a comprehensive drive to make all land records online.

Beginning the next financial year, the Department of Land Reforms under the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, will launch a Comprehensive Modernisation of Land Records (CMLR) that will make all land records in the country online by the end of 11th Five-year plan.

Under the scheme, all records for land and all other immovable properties would be computerised using aerial survey and digital mapping.

To strengthen the revenue administration, the final records will have legal validity for all property transactions in future. These computerised land records will be equipped with an automated system that will keep records of all transactions that can be accessed online.

The Minister for Rural Development Mr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh said: “After the successful completion of the project, it will take less than 30 minutes to complete the registration process during the transaction of immovable properties.” He also hopes to do away with stamp papers in transactions.

The computerised records will be connected with a national Management Information System (MIS). This will generate a reliable database on land ownership, tenancy rights, crop details, land revenue, sources of irrigation and previous transactions.

The proposed scheme will replace two existing central schemes of computerisation of land records (CLR) and strengthening of revenue administration (SRA). To facilitate the integration of registration process with land record management, the subject of registration has already been transferred to the department of Land Reforms.