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India to ensure speedy highway construction using g-tech

New Delhi, India: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) aims to award 9,000 km of national highways (NH) during this financial year. It has also set a target of constructing at least 12-13 km a day. The ministry will use GIS technology to monitor these projects. GIS based monitoring will keep the senior functionaries and the ministry updated about the ground work of these projects.

NHAI has planned to build at least 3,000 km, which is 500 km more than the target it had set for 2011-12. The remaining 1,500 km would be built by the ministry, state PWDs and other agencies engaged by the highways ministry.

Sources said these targets were being set keeping in mind what the executing bodies could actually achieve in the given circumstances. “The plan is to push construction gradually so that we can meet the target of building 20 km a day by the next general election. This is achievable considering the volume of projects we are awarding. It takes at least two years for projects to near completion,” a senior NHAI official said.

However, there is a concern over the speed of construction. Ministry sources said that until there was a sound mechanism to monitor the construction work, only awarding would not be enough. “Taking pride in awarding is fine. But from the day of awarding the work, the liability of government increases. You get committed to complete those projects in time. So the focus has to be equally on completion of projects,” a ministry official said.

For this purpose the ministry will conduct a web-based and GIS-based monitoring of projects.

Source: TOI