India to deploy ground sensors to strengthen border security

India to deploy ground sensors to strengthen border security


India: In an attempt to thwart infiltration attempts along the border with Pakistan, the Border Security Force (BSF), India has decided to acquire ground sensors to pick up movement along the LoC and the International Border.

The gadget, based on experiences drawn from some foreign countries, is called the ”Un-attended Ground Sensor” (UGS) and once operationalised, it will be the first such security mechanism deployed on any frontier in the eastern or the western flank of India.

The BSF feels the UGS will help it in “effectively covering the gaps between the border posts, likely routes of infiltration and ex-filtration and could also be employed on international border without employing men and endangering their lives to provide all weather coverage from 150-500 meters.

The border guarding force has recently floated an ”Expression of Interest” in this regard which states that the device should have the capability to give real time alarm to detect an intruder or multiple intruder locations simultaneously, to ensure round-the-clock surveillance by utilising a combination of day and night surveillance cameras, control and display units.

“Hand held control receiver and variety of sensors like, passive infrared sensor– to detect movement of object in a narrow field of view-, magnetic sensors– to monitor movement of metallic objects such as weapons or vehicles, seismic sensors to identify ground vibration caused by vehicles or pedestrians (should be encompassed in the device),” the qualitative requirements floated by the paramilitary said.

Source: Zee News