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India to conduct a topographical survey for airports

India: The City and Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco) of the state of Maharashtra will spend around Rs 60 crore to conduct a topographic survey for the land under Navi Mumbai Airport Influenced Notified Area (Naina) plan and Khopta notified areas. They will use LiDAR method to mark areas for developing townships within 25-km radius of the proposed airport. The survey will be undertaken in 270 villages in Pen, Panvel, Uran, Khalapur and Thane talukas, which have been earmarked for the Naina townships and also in six villages near Karnala that come under the Khopta project. The main objective of the two townships is to rehabilitate the project affected persons (PAPs), whose lands are being acquired for the airport.

"Cidco is the special planning authority to develop Naina and Khopta projects. It has to draw the development plan for these villages. Cidco has appointed an agency, Jenocic International, to conduct the survey, which includes the topography, along with social, cultural and religious status of all villages notified under the project areas," said Dr Mohan Ninawe, Cidco chief PRO. A large chunk of these villages falls under ecologically sensitive areas and must be earmarked in the survey. Irrespective of the lands being agricultural or ecologically sensitive areas, details of the existing structures or natural features like hill, water bodies and wetlands must be noted by the surveyors. Cidco's Naina plan includes 270 villages in Raigad and Thane districts, 25 villages from Uran and six under Panvel in the Khopta notified areas.

Source: Times of India