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India to build sophisticated Radar Imaging Satellite

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is building a complex Rs 3.5 billion Radar Imaging Satellite (RIDSAT) for remote sensing and agriculture purpose which it plans to launch using the indigenous PSLV rocket in 2006.
“It is a very complex satellite and we are adopting a new approach to build the radar antenna. It has over 500 clusters which really synthesize the radar antenna and each has to be controlled independently to synthesize the antenna”, ISRO Satellite Centre Director Dr. P S Goel told PTI here today.
The next-generation RIDSAT, which aims to provide flexibility for ISRO to map images through new applications, will have S band transponders for resource mapping and agriculture, he said. India is one of the first few countries to build the radar imaging satellite, which is expected to cost about Rs 3.5 billion compared to over USD one Billion in the west.
The satellite will be launched by the indigenous Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, which put into space India’s remote sensing satellites in lower earth orbit. ccording to ISRO, the satellite will do the complex data management of images, which earlier was being done on the ground.

(Source: Press Trust of India; issued June 1, 2003)