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India Successfully Test-Fires Nuclear Capable Agni-I Missile

Agni is an intermediate range ballistic missile. It uses solid propulsion booster and a liquid propulsion upper stage, derived from India's first indigenously developed ballistic missile Prithvi.India: The Indian Army's Strategic Forces Command (SFC) has test-fired the indigenously built short-range Agni-1 missile from Wheeler's Island, off the Odisha Coast. Propelled by solid rocket propellant system, the nuclear capable surface-to-surface missile was tested for its full strike range of 700km and was carrying a total payload mass of 1,100kg. SFC carried out the launch as part of a periodic training exercise to further consolidate operational readiness.

Sophisticated radars, telemetry observation stations, electro-optic instruments and naval ships tracked the trajectory of the missile until it hit the target area with pin-point accuracy. Agni-1 features a specialised navigation system, which helps the missile to reach target with a high degree of accuracy and precision. Agni-I is designed to bridge the gap between the indigenously built short-range Prithvi and medium-range Agni-II. Powered by both solid and liquid propellants, the 15m-long missile weighs around 12t and is capable of carrying a combined conventional and nuclear payload of nearly one tonne. The missile is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear payloads at a speed of 2.5km/s.

Source: IDRW