India secures $360 mn from World Bank for water sector

India secures $360 mn from World Bank for water sector


New Delhi: India secured $360 million credit from the World Bank to help build the institutional capacity needed to increase agricultural productivity in the state of Uttar Pradesh, especially the water sector.

Agriculture plays an important role in alleviation extreme poverty, hence, investing in agriculture, which water plays a main role, would help reduce poverty in UP, World Bank Country Director in India, Onno Ruhl said.

Technology like satellite remote sensing, GIS and mobile-based applications will be used for the project.

As part of the project”s innovative monitoring and evaluation design, the Uttar Pradesh Remote Sensing Applications Centre would monitor the performance of project agriculture areas using satellite imageries.

The project also plans to develop an integrated water resources information system hosted by the State Water Resources Agency (SWARA) since water resources are currently being planned, developed and managed by different departments in the state.

Source: Bernama