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‘India needs more urban planners’

India: Indian universities churn out 450 urban planners a year for a country of more than a billion people. Experts say that is a measly turnout, given an estimated 500 million people are expected to migrate to cities in the next half-century. Put another way, India needs new cities and experts who can build them, observed Peter Head, chief of Global Planning Practices, Arup. Peter recently visited India as he is closely associated with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, an upcoming Bangalore-based private university.

Peter said that his company is looking to expand in India. At a time India is expected to experience a burgeoning growth in urban areas. About the university, Peter said, “The University is timely. It is focused on creating a new generation of professionals prepared to tackle the unprecedented transformation of India’s urban regions. The aim is to teach up to a million ‘urbanists’ in India by 2040.” Arup added that he will look to create an e-learning platform so that even people in villages across India can learn urban planning. Most recently, Peter has been associated with building China’s first ecocities, Dongtan and Wangzhuan.

Arup has been involved in many projects across the country in India, including multi-disciplinary services for the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, master planning and feasibility study for the redevelopment of New Delhi Railway Station and design for Druk White Lotus School in Ladakh.

Source: Economic Times