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India monitors natural resource depletion via satellite

India: Depletion of natural resources is becoming a major problem for governments around the world. There has been a rise in cases of encroachment of wetlands in Kolkata, India. The Institute of Wetlands Management, Salt Lake (Kolkata), agreed with this fact and requested National Remote Sensing Agency to provide high resolution satellite data to monitor and protect water bodies.

Through the satellite data of the wetlands the institute will be able to monitor the changes in the area of water bodies in a better manner. An official at the Institute of Wetlands Management explained, “The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has a pond list, but it isn’t comprehensive. So the waterbodies in the 185 sq. km of the city area with 5 million population is under constant threat.” The official hopes that land filings can be controlled by procuring a high resolution satellite data.

On the other hand, satellite images of another Indian city revealed its diminishing tree cover. A report published in an Indian daily observed that Ahmedabad’s tree cover is far too less for its populace of 55.71 lakh. Director of Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Kartikeya Sarabhai said that satellite images of the city show several areas which are just concrete jungles. In the new western part of the city, one can hardly find any greenery.

Bhavna Ramkhiani of an NGO Taru Mitra suggested that there are many planning institutes in the city. “The municipal corporation while preparing a roadmap for any development project has to take help of these institutions to ensure that the trees are not cut,” she added.

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