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India introduces state-wide road & bridges system

India: The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has launched a Web-based GIS system for roads and bridges that can be used by multiple agencies in improving operations and planning.

Implemented by the Tamil Nadu Highways Department (TNHD), the system provides a unified and complete picture across the state government so that road maintenance and improvement works carried out by different agencies can be coordinated better.

The system, which uses Esri’s ArcGIS for Server, is available online, making it accessible to many users at all times and on any device. Government decision makers can easily retrieve, analyse and visualise data on roads and bridges to better plan, monitor and maintain public assets.

According to the Chief Officer of IT at TNHD: “The ArcGIS platform’s extensive capability has helped to rationalise our decision making in planning, programming, funding and allocation of resources, allowing us to make the best use of public funds in preserving the road networks at an acceptable level of serviceability.”

Source: Future Gov