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India Geospatial Leadership Award 2015 honours Dr Rajendra Singh Pawar

Dr Rajendra Singh Pawar, Chairman and Co-founder, NIIT Technologies Ltd, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the geospatial industry and for being the harbinger of IT era in India.Hyderabad, February 10, 2015: On the first day of the India Geospatial Forum, the India Geospatial Awards was organised to recognise and encourage innovations and excellence brought forward by geospatial technology developers, professionals, end users and policy makers that have fostered the geospatial industry in India.

This years’ Leadership Award in the category of Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Dr Rajendra Singh Pawar, Chairman and Co-founder, NIIT Technologies Ltd.

Dr. Rajendra Singh Pawar, the Chairman and Co-founder of NIIT group is an harbinger of the IT era in India; passionate about technology, a visionary, and above all a human with compassion. As the acknowledged pioneer of IT education in India, by establishing easily accessible and affordable IT training centers in urban as well as rural India more than three decades ago, Dr. Pawar sowed the seeds for the IT revolution.

He has the distinction of setting up NIIT in 1981, a company that germinated from his belief in India’s then untapped potential, and the vision to be among the global leaders in IT training and applications development. NIIT is today along with NIIT GIS one of the largest employers of some of the best manpower in the IT and specifically in the geospatial IT domain. A culture of ‘perpetual learning’ and evolving that Dr. Pawar has imbibed into his team, is reflected in the products and services that NIIT offers.

Dr. Pawar has been associated with geospatial industry for more than two decades and has provided leadership to the industry in India in multiple capacities. His vision, wisdom, passion, courage and leadership put together made valuable contributions towards the growth of geospatial industry and establishing it as one of the major technology players in the country. Dr. Pawar continues to play a decisive role in framing the future of the IT industry through his membership and presence on a vast number of governmental and corporate bodies, where his singular aim is the development of the IT industry and thence the geospatial industry in India.

As a compassionate human he has been instrumental in establishing the NIIT Foundation – a not-for-profit education society with a mandate to ‘reach the unreached, uncared and unattended to ensure inclusive development in India’.

Source: Our Correspondent.