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India gears up to make digital 3D model of city of Noida

India: The Indian city of Noida is getting set to create a 3D model of the city. Digital mapping of surface and underground objects will be used to create the model. Once in place, the 3D model will prove to be a very powerful tool not only for city planning but for security as well. With an aim to monitor growth and to visualise the urban space in three dimensions, the 3D map will not only have information on every square inch of the city but also on what's underground. "As per our tender requirements, consultants are required to prepare the 3D digital base map of the existing city by 3D laser scanning and terrestrial surveys. The 3D base maps shall consist of details of Noida's built structures, infrastructure, open spaces and the overall urban landscape," said a senior Authority official.

"A database of every kind of land use information will be created which can be shared by all agencies of the government. The data from the digital mapping can be used not only to keep a check on unauthorised constructions which is one of the primary concerns but will also help in surveillance, which will help us in real-time management," said the official. To set-up the digitised map, consultants would need to start with an aerial shot of the city. Thereafter, ground control points will be identified. These points are basically the physical equivalents of points on the grid of the map which will be used to fix the co-ordinates. Digital shots of every building in the city, along with a unique identity code of the building, will then be taken, which will also be validated physically. Meanwhile, information from the revenue department like ownership details will be superimposed on the digital map, along with the property mapped on the ground. All this information will then be integrated into the final 3D model. For the underground mapping, a ground probing radar will be used to map all cable, water, sewerage and telephone lines.

Source: Times of India