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India, Bangladesh settle border dispute

India: Bangladesh and India signed joint border maps. They settled the 4,156 km-long border-related discord. Bangladesh High Commissioner in New Delhi Tariq Ahmad Karim and Indian High Commissioner here Rajeet Mitter signed some of the 1,149 maps for five sectors of the 4,156-km border.  

The signing was seen as a historic event. In 1952, the then Pakistan Government initiated the preparation of the map and the effort continued till 1960. In 1967, a joint India-Pakistan survey was conducted, but without much progress. After Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan in 1971, an effort was made in 1986. This also did not work. The final success was seen after two countries undertook a joint move recently.

A strip map is an unscaled drawing of a route to include critical points along the border. It usually incorporates distances, roadside features and town facilities on a simple flip-over style map.

Source: The Hindu