India and Thailand to cooperate on mapping Buddhist sites

India and Thailand to cooperate on mapping Buddhist sites


India: In a bid to promote tourism at Buddhist historical sites spread across Southeast Asia, including India, the National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation (Natmo) is coming up with a detailed map atlas that will include information on such sites in 11 nations.

“This is probably for the first time that such an initiative has been taken in the world. It is a joint initiative of the Indian and Thai governments and is being funded by the Centre’s science and technology department. Work on the map started after green light was received from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,” said Baisakhi Sarkar, deputy director of Natmo in Kolkata.

The map would not only contain Buddhist archaeological sites but also detailed information which tourists usually seek – accessibility, time to visit, accommodation, historical perspective among others.

At least 30 such sites would be covered in India.

Apart from this, each of the 11 nations would contribute with at least 8-10 sites in the project.

To prepare the map, experts are taking the help of satellite images from Cartosat.

Source: HT