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INCRA exceeds 10 million hectares certified to SIGEF

The coming into operation of the Land Management System (SIGEF), on the 25th of last November, has revolutionized the certification of rural properties provided by National Institute for Agrarian Colonization (INCRA). Since then, 10.2 million hectares have been certified – an average of 95,600 per day.

That means 12,500 properties with the assurance that the limits do not overlap with others and that the implementation of the geo service was taken under legal technical bases. With certification in hand, it is possible to register the properties in cases to purchase, sell, share or dismemberment. In dimension, the result of this period, of less than four months, is 35% of that achieved in the whole year of 2013, when 29.3 million hectares (25,424 properties) were validated in the Incra process.

The new management tool of Brazilian lands increases more agility, transparency and security to the certification process, replacing all paper-based processes, previously opened in the Incra superintendence. The Rural Property Certification has been created by a federal law in 2001. The process is done exclusively by Incra. Since 2004, when the autarchy started providing the service, 70.6 thousand rural properties were certified, totalling 108.5 million hectares.

Source: INCRA