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GeoWrap: Inaugural European Drone Summit to be held in Frankfurt; Major funding boost for LiDAR in a New Zealand district and more

Inaugural European Drone Summit to be held in Frankfurt

Germany: In addition to being a smart, up-and-coming technology, commercial drones are also an integral part of the digitalization of business and society. The EU member states have agreed to introduce legislation regulating the operation of unmanned aircraft in Europe that takes into account both economic potential and safety requirements. There is considerable need for dialogue at present from a number of perspectives. On the initiative of UAV DACH e.V. and the INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS…(Read More)

Major funding boost for LiDAR in a New Zealand district

New Zealand: Gisborne District Council will receive over $1 million in funding to fly LIDAR across the entire district, a project that will bring major economic and infrastructural benefits for the region. Ministry for Primary Industries and Land Information New Zealand have provided the funds that will cover the entire cost of the project. LIDAR – which stands for light detection and ranging – is a remote sensing tool that uses laser pulses to generate large amounts of highly accurate…(Read More)

DJI updates Zenmuse X7 camera with support for Apple ProRes RAW

US: DJI, the world’s leader in creative camera technology, has updated its Zenmuse X7 camera to support the new ProRes RAW standard from Apple. Enabled through firmware updates, the Zenmuse X7 also gains performance enhancements that deliver improved workflows and image quality. These new features increase the power and efficiency of the Zenmuse X7 and reinforce its role in professional filmmaking as the world’s first Super35 digital camera designed for aerial cinematography…(Read More)

Location Analytics market highly favorable to growth rate by 2025

US: The TMR research report analyzes the global location analytics market in terms of its geographical reach. This market can be divided into the regional segments of North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. North America stands as a significant market in the global location analytics market. Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as a significant market due to the explosion of data through IoT devices and the ceaseless use of smart devices…(Read More)

OPTIS & Elektrobit partner to provide virtual driving experiences through AR HUD content

Germany: OPTIS, the leading global virtual prototyping company, and Elektrobit (EB), a visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry, today announced a partnership for the virtual testing of augmented reality head-up display (AR HUD) systems in a dynamic driving experience. Together, the two will enable carmakers to streamline the development process, ultimately shortening the time to market. OPTIS and EB will combine their expertise…(Read More)

CrowdFlower unveils new Machine Learning solutions

US: CrowdFlower, the essential Human-in-the-Loop artificial intelligence platform for data science and machine learning teams, today unveiled new machine learning solutions that will help companies reduce the time to apply AI to their business and generate business impact from real-world AI applications. These new machine learning solutions are part of a multi-year transformation CrowdFlower has been undergoing and as a result today it capped that transformation by changing its name to Figure Eight…(Read More)

Pix4Dcapture comes to Yuneec H520 ST16S

US: Yuneec has announced the availability of Pix4Dcapture on its H520 ST16S ground station controller. Pix4D is a software application that creates professional, georeferenced maps and models from drone imagery, giving users the ability to map flight plans and set customized mapping parameters. Pix4D’s free mission planning app Pix4Dcapture will be pre-installed on all future Yuneec’s H520 ST16s ground stations and available via software update for existing H520 owners. “We are glad to support Yuneec’s H520…(Read More)

Cityzenith launches Smart World Pro for architects and property owners

US: Cityzenith has announced the launch of its Smart World Pro 3D data platform, a new high-performance version of the company’s flagship Smart World product for Architects and Property Owners. The “Digital Twin Data Platform of Choice” for the building industry, Smart World Pro revolutionizes the way Architects and Property Owners use public, project, and property data (spatial and non-spatial) to make better decisions during the planning, design, and operational phases…(Read More)

Warren Equity partners continues to Build SSP Innovations Platform

US: SSP Innovations, a provider of IT services and software development to electric, gas, and water utilities, announced the closing of the acquisition of Wind Lake Solutions, Inc. (“Wind Lake”). Wind Lake, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is an IT services and software development company focused on delivering, integrating, and optimizing Geographic Information Systems (“GIS”) for utilities, telecommunication providers, and municipal government organizations. Wind Lake provides GIS data…(Read More)