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In December 2014 SAD / Imazon detects 95 km² of deforestation in the Amazon region.

The Institute of Man and Environment in the Amazon-Imazon/SAD-Deforestation Alert System published on January 13, 2015 the Amazon Deforestation Bulletin for the month of December 2014, which showed that the accumulated deforestation from August to December 2014 reached 1,373 km², representing an increase of 224% compared to the previous period.

Mapa de desmatamento na Amazônia

SAD detected 95 km2 of deforestation in the Amazon in December 2014. This represented an increase of 70% compared to December 2013 when the deforestation totaled 56 km2. Was possible to monitor 60% of the forest area in the Amazon the other 40% of the forest area was covered by clouds which hampered the detection of deforestation and forest degradation. As a result, data from deforestation and forest degradation in December 2014 may be underestimated. The states with greater cloud cover were Amapá (83%) and Acre (75%).

In December 2014, deforestation is concentrated in the states of Mato Grosso (52%) and Pará (27%), with a lower incidence in the states of Roraima (12%) and Rondônia (9%). The degraded forests in Legal Amazon totaled 110 km2 in December 2014. Compared to December 2013 there was an increase of 244% when the forest degradation is 32 km2.

While the first five months of the current deforestation calendar (August 2014-December 2014), the state of Pará leads the ranking with 27% of the total deforestation in the period. Then comes the state of Mato Grosso (26%) and Rondônia (24%). In relative terms, there was a significant increase of 604% in Mato Grosso and 550% in Roraima. In absolute terms, Pará leads the accumulated deforestation ranking with 369 km2, followed by Mato Grosso (362 km2) and Rondônia (334 km2). The most deforested municipalities were: Feliz Navidad (Mato Grosso) and Portel (Pará).

In December 2014, the majority (82%) of deforestation occurred in private areas or in different stages of ownership. The rest of deforestation occurred in Areas of Agrarian Reform (18%). There was no detection of deforestation in Conservation Units and Indigenous Lands. 17 km2 of deforestation occurred in Areas of Agrarian Reform in December 2014.

The Imazon (https://imazon.org.br/?lang=en) is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest. Its program of Monitoring the Amazon has the overall objective to detect, quantify and control through satellite images, deforestation, forest degradation, logging, unofficial roads and other forms of human pressure in the Amazon. Monitoring results are combined with various digital maps using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for qualifying environmental problems and planning. The program also develops policy proposals and training in geotechnologies and strategically disseminates its results, contributing to the reduction of deforestation and forest degradation.

SAD-EE-Since July 2012 detection alerts from deforestation and forest degradation took place on the platform of Google Earth Engine (EE), with the new version EE SAD. This system was developed in collaboration with Google and uses the same process already used by SAD, with MODIS reflectance images to generate alerts from deforestation and forest degradation.

Imazon, created in 1990, is the only non-governmental organization that monitors deforestation independently of the government way. Bulletins with deforestation rates for the entire Amazon region are released each month. It receives support from the Climate and Land Use Alliance, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and USAID.

Source: IMAZON, Amazonia Acontece