IMU Korea Ltd. to resell TerraGo Technologies products

IMU Korea Ltd. to resell TerraGo Technologies products


Atlanta, USA, December 12, 2007: TerraGo Technologies announced that IMU Korea, Ltd. has joined its list of international channel partners reselling Map2PDF products around the world.

IMU Korea, Ltd ( provides GIS and mapping solutions to corporate, government and military customers. The company also offers consulting and mapping services as well as software solutions and technical support, along with integration services for customers who wish to use products from multiple vendors. IMU Korea is a nationally recognized company with multiple offices across the country.

GeoPDF is a geospatial data distribution and collaboration format that leverages the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Map2PDF allows customers to publish and collaborate on GeoPDF files, which contain robust cartographic data and mapping capabilities including layers and embedded feature attributes. The GeoPDF Toolbar gives users access to detailed digital maps in Adobe Reader.

The partnership with IMU Korea as well as organizations throughout Asia-Pacific, Latin America Europe and Africa reflects an increasing worldwide interest in the benefits of utilizing the GeoPDF format to deliver geospatial data to widely varied groups of people, according to Brian Soliday, TerraGo Technologies vice president of sales.

“We’ve seen interest in the GeoPDF format grow exponentially over the last year as more and more people realize how truly simple it is to share complex mapping data and imagery with anyone, anywhere they want to use it,” says Soliday.