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IMTA honours Avenza for innovation in cartography

Toronto, Canada: The International Map Trade Association (IMTA) conferred ‘IMTA Global Award’ to Avenza Systems Inc., a cartographic software developer for Adobe products. Through this award the IMTA honours top producers of cartographic software and innovative technology from three international map trade association regions.

According to Avenza’s press statement, the award is determined only once every few years from a list of mapping industry awardees –the best of the best– from retailers of atlases and manufacturers of globes to developers of geographic information systems.

Along with taking home the highest accolade, Avenza Systems also secured the ‘Graham Stanton Award of Excellence’ –given to the best ‘product’ that stands out from seven individual categories and the award for ‘Best Maps for Multimedia Application’ with its PDF Maps app on the iOS platform. PDF Maps leverages geospatial technology that allows travellers to view and measure real world locations and attributes. Paired together with mobile devices that utilise GPS, such as an iPhone, the PDF Maps app provides constant access to geographic locations and points of interest without the risk of losing reception due to cell tower proximity.

“The Avenza PDF Maps app is a wonderful and innovative new solution for delivering digital GPS-enabled maps to smartphones and tablet devices and on that, I am sure, all publishers will eagerly adopt,” said Peter Davis, president, IMTA, Asia-Pacific. “The growing trend for the use of an embedded, iTunes-like, digital map store is a revolution that promises to change the way in which maps are purchased and delivered in the 21st century.”

Ted Florence, president, Avenza, said, “The PDF Maps app and embedded map store solution is a revolutionary tool for acquiring, displaying and interacting with digital maps on mobile devices and tablets and it’s a key component which complements our other software products, integrating it with map production and publishing workflows.”

Source: Avenza