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Improved response times by GDT street and address data for mobile mapping

Geographic Data Technology, Inc., a developer of premier map databases, and MapFrame Corporation announced that MapFrame has selected GDT’s street and address information for use with its FieldSmart mobile mapping applications for utility providers. MapFrame selected GDT’s Dynamap /Transportation North American street and address database to enhance its FieldSmart Route application, a mobile tool used by utility field crews to streamline work order response and expedite emergency service calls. Compiled from a vast network of sources, GDT’s Dynamap/Transportation map data provides comprehensive street and address coverage, highly accurate one-way and restricted turn information, accurate representation of limited access highways, preferred routing names, and exit point layers to offer superb map performance. In combination with GDT’s premier map data for the U.S. and Canada, FieldSmart displays the optimal path between two or more points such as work orders, customer addresses or facilities. The map data is stored as a separate layer within FieldSmart and supplements the client’s GIS or other digitized mapping data. Field crews have access to facility data while viewing the route without changing applications or adjusting the screen to increase ease of use and efficiency. The routing engine can also provide turn-by-turn directions on screen if the crew is working in unfamiliar territory. The combination of the FieldSmart routing engine and GDT data gives field crews the most efficient route for processing work orders and provides quick and accurate routing information to help with emergency response.