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Immersive Intelligence: The Next Phase of Intelligence

US: “Whether we face an adversary, a political crisis, or a natural disaster, we must continue to drive the leading edge of GEOINT … and deliver the next phase of intelligence: immersion,” said Letitia Long, Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), during her keynote address at GEOINT Symposium 2013.

“By immersion I mean living, interacting, and experimenting with the data in a multimedia, multi-sensory experience with GEOINT at its core,” she continued. “Immersion will break down the barriers between collectors, analysts, customers, and decision makers. Living together in this experience they will share rich content and robust expertise. Their more meaningful, more predictive insights will occur on a scale we could not have imagined just a few years ago.”

Long invited the audience to imagine themselves as young analysts. Their mission: Anticipate the impact of civil unrest on an unstable country.

“As you begin your day, your automated data-mining app warns you of anomalies in troop movements, puts video of overnight protests on screen, and notifies the rest of your team,” Long said.

Source: Trajectory Magazine