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iMMAP uses TatukGIS DK for OASIS information management

UAE: iMMAP (Information Management and Mine Action Programs) has used the TatukGIS Developer Kernel component for the GIS part of its OASIS (Operational Activity Situational Information System) information management platform. It will help enhance information sharing and analysis.

OASIS is used in the areas of humanitarian and emergency information management by United Nations agencies, non-governmental and international organisations and various government departments in several countries.

iMMAP is an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO). It applies appropriate information management practices and new information technologies in service to the humanitarian community, enabling them to solve pressing global humanitarian challenges.

OASIS delivers user-friendly information tools for data entry, analysis, mapping, reporting and data sharing. It breaks complex tasks into easy-to-understand guided steps using software wizards that minimise errors, reduce training requirements and encourage users to interact with the system. Through the TatukGIS DK’s flexible functionality, OASIS manages to synchronise geometries over low bandwidth with field based solutions, and it seamlessly integrates with most GIS industry standard formats with a superb performance on large datasets.

Source: TatukGIS