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Imass to provide hydrant and water source management system

UK – Imass Ltd, an Infoterra company, announced that it is to supply the fire & rescue services in Buckinghamshire, Dorset and Lincolnshire with hydrant and water source asset management systems to support front-line fire crews.

The Imass system, Hydra, allows efficient management of information on water sources – hydrants and emergency water supplies, such as ponds and lakes – which could be used at an incident. Using Hydra, these fire & rescue services will be able to manage and access information on the location of hydrants, the operational status of each and the mains size – which informs the respective Service how much water will be available via that source.

Imass will also be supplying a GIS-based inspection information system to each fire & rescue service for use in the field. This will allow the hydrant technicians to record data while on location, such as grid references & inspection results, and update the central Hydra database.

This information will provide a vital resource for all teams, with the Buckinghamshire, Dorset and Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Services operating over 80 fire stations between them in their respective areas.

All systems will be installed during Q2 of this year with water management teams receiving training ready for deployment.