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IMAGINE DeltaCue and IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier 9.1 now available

Norcross, USA, 5 March 2007 – Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging has announced the availability of IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier as an add-on module to ERDAS IMAGINE 9.1. This leading image classification tool for advanced spectral analysis and interpretation enables users to extract information from multi-spectral imagery and improve the user’s ability to find and quantify materials of interest at the whole and subpixel level.

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier allows users to:
– Detect a specific Material of Interest.
– Automatically search for a specific Material of Interest in multiple scenes.
– Generate purer spectral signatures and residuals.
– Create more complete classifications.
– Inventory the specific Material of Interest in an image.

Features include:
– Classify objects smaller than the spatial resolution of the sensor.
– Identify specific materials within mixed pixels.
– Detect materials that occupy from 100% to as little as 20% of a pixel.
– Report the fraction of material present in each pixel classified.
– Develop signatures that are portable from one scene to another.
– Normalize imagery for atmospheric effects.
– Search wide-area images quickly to detect small or large features mixed with other materials.

Also available is, IMAGINE DeltaCue, a new add-on for ERDAS IMAGINE, which simplifies the complexity of the change detection process. This simplified process enables both advanced and novice users the ability to highlight or identify significant differences in imagery acquired at different times by fully utilizing spectral content to highlight only those types of change of interest to the user.

IMAGINE DeltaCue key application areas include:
– Detecting changes in land use and land cover
– Delineating wetlands loss and encroachment
– Estimating forest loss through development or disease
– Identifying new housing and infrastructure changes
– Mapping flood extent areas and disaster impact zones

Features include:
– Broad Area Search tools for change across entire images
– Targeted Site Monitoring visualization tools for detailed analysis
– A customized Change Viewer interface, specially designed for change detection studies

MAGINE Subpixel Classifier and IMAGINE DeltaCue are now available for shipping. IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier customers with a Software Maintenance contract will receive their upgrade CD shortly.