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Imagesat to provide services to the European Union Satellite Centre

ImageSat International N.V. has signed a contract for 2004 with the European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC) to provide EROS A high-resolution satellite imagery through its Priority Acquisition Service (PAS) Program. The contract is a continuation of services provided to the EUSC in 2003.

Customer Service statistics for the EUSC PAS program indicate that most imagery is delivered to the EUSC within one working day by computer-based communication networks (ftp).

According to representatives of both organizations, the deal involves the procurement of imagery within Europe and around the globe, for multiple uses, including crisis management, humanitarian and peace-keeping missions.

ImageSat’s PAS program is a cost-effective means of acquiring a defined quantity of satellite imagery, without restriction to a geographical area. The program enables customers to experience the value of EROS imagery without requiring an immediate, multi-year commitment, as with the Company’s Satellite Operating Partner (SOP) program. Through the PAS program, imagery is tasked on a high priority basis, and is delivered usually within 48-96 hours of downlink of imagery at ImageSat’s Ground Control Station. Customers may also obtain the ability to downlink EROS imagery to their own antenna for near real-time reception.

The European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC), located in Torrejon, Spain, has, since January 2002, been dedicated to the production and exploitation of information derived primarily from the analysis of earth observation space imagery from a range of earth observation satellite systems.

The EUSC is an Agency of the Council of the European Union and is regarded as an essential asset for the strengthening of Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), especially in the domain of crisis monitoring and conflict prevention.