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ImageSat reduces prices of archived satellite imagery by 50%

Once the privilege of Super Powers and wealthy national organizations, today, high-resolution satellite imagery can be commercially purchased for only $5 per square kilometer and delivered within one week, when ordered from ImageSat International’s web-based imagery archive. The Company has announced that it is slashing its prices by 50% in an unprecedented effort to put high-resolution EROS A imagery in the hands of commercial organizations and private individuals.

The new commercial promotion enables customers to sub-select portions of archived imagery as small as five square kilometers for a minimum fee of $25.

Mr. Menashe Broder, the Company’s CEO, said, “During the past year and a half, ImageSat has accumulated global imagery, which is available for browsing and buying by both the professional and general public.”

Commercial customers find ImageSat’s panchromatic images especially suitable for such applications as infrastructure planning and management, mapping, 3D models, simulation, environmental monitoring, and search and rescue operations. For the year and a half since EROS A has been in orbit, ImageSat has primarily served the National Security market, which relies heavily on high-resolution, panchromatic imagery.

High-resolution imagery, which is generally considered to be 2 meters or better, is offered commercially by only a few vendors worldwide. ImageSat offers imagery from its Earth Resources Observation Satellite, known as EROS A, in standard 1.8-meter and oversampled 1-meter resolutions.