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ImageSat pairs with new distributor in Korea

Menashe Broder, CEO of ImageSat International N.V., announced the signing of an agreement appointing Seoul-based Korea Space-image Technology, Ltd. as a distributor of ImageSat’s EROS high-resolution satellite imagery and value-added products using its imagery.

The agreement, which is effective immediately, is the first Korean distributorship announced, since the Company recently launched its commercial marketing effort. Within the scope of this effort, ImageSat is negotiating a number of new strategic partnerships with distributors, resellers and software tool developers.

“Speed and pricing are two key benefits we can offer the commercial market today,” said Mr. Broder, “and these factors are very attractive to distributors and resellers, who are eager to make imagery and value-added products more accessible to their customers.”

“Korea Space-image Technology will provide ImageSat with access to important customers in the Korean market, and we are very optimistic about the company’s ability to meet the commercial demand in this market,” Mr. Broder added.

Mr. Eung-Su Kim, CEO & President of Korea Space-image Technology, said, “We are very happy to work with ImageSat International and to be a distributor of EROS data. The Korean high-resolution satellite imagery market is currently in a dramatic period of growth. We at KoSTEC will put forth our best efforts to become a key player in the Korean high-resolution satellite imagery market.”

ImageSat’s standard 1.8-meter and oversampled 1-meter, panchromatic images are especially suitable for such applications as infrastructure planning and management, mapping, 3D and simulation, environmental monitoring, and search and rescue.

For the year and a half since its Earth Resources Observation Satellite, known as EROS, has been in orbit, ImageSat has primarily served the National Security market, which relies heavily on high-resolution, panchromatic imagery.