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EROS A’s ability to produce multiple images including Stereo Pairs and an Overhead image in the same pass is a unique capability in the high-resolution satellite imaging industry. Mr. Menashe Broder, CEO of ImageSat International N.V., announced that the Company’s lightweight, high-resolution Earth Resources Observation Satellite, EROS A, has proven its ability to image a target from several angles in the same orbital pass.
EROS A’s multiple-imaging capability enables the Customer to quickly and accurately obtain the multiple high-resolution imagery data under the same weather, lighting and physical conditions, from the same orbital path. Using the images from different angles, Customers are able to build a digital terrain model (DTM), including the high resolution that is derived from the overhead images. These tools may be used for such applications as mission planning, mapping, fly-through simulations and infrastructure planning.

The satellite is anticipated to have sufficient fuel for 10 years of operation. Weighing only 250 kg before launch, EROS A performs asynchronous, push broom scanning, at an angle of up to 60 degrees from nadir. This functionality enables a customer to evaluate a target, even when the satellite pass is not directly overhead. An actual-size model of ImageSat’s next-generation EROS B1 satellite is on display for the first time at the Paris Air Show, in the pavilion of Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd., a manufacturer of the EROS family of high-resolution satellites. Established in 1997, ImageSat International N.V. is a commercial provider of high-resolution, satellite earth-imagery principally for national security, intelligence and homeland defense applications worldwide. The Company also provides imagery to Customers for a wide-range of civilian applications, including mapping, market intelligence,infrastructure planning, natural resource management, and a host of others.