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ImageSat International launches single click Geo-data validation

Imageset International
EROS-B high-resolution imaging satellite.

US: ImageSat International(ISI) is all set to make a foray into geographic data services market, in collaboration with Balcony.io, a location based geo-communication platform.  Geo data validation will be enabled by combining high resolution satellite imagery and the overall reach of smartphone users.

In fast changing reality, it becomes an imperative to quickly follow up with additional information. And integrating satellite images with real time information is the best approach.

For instance, in a natural calamity, once the exact extent of damage has been identified by precision of satellite images, smartphone users at particular location are asked to provide additional information like availability of water supply, access to electricity, and condition of roads.

ImageSat International’s expertise lies in high resolution photography from space using technologically advance satellites, along with analyzing data. ISI has an algorithm development team and it employs highly talented, skilled and competent professionals for satellite imagery analysis. These skills are in high demand by both governments and private companies.

Balcony.io is an industry leader in crowdsourcing geo-information from various locations. Coupled with the cutting edge satellite technology of ISI, this increases visual verification and provides much-needed extra insights.

ImageSat is a business captain in end-to-end geospatial solutions. It provides vital information and high resolution satellite images to its clients, helping them in data analysis and get better grasp of the social, political, economic and environmental realities of the world they live in.

ISI has 20 years of experience in producing space images and spearheading innovation, and it has always lived up to the high expectations of its clients.