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ImageSat announces new ground station at Gatineau, Canada

Menashe Broder, CEO of ImageSat International, announced the activation of a new ground receiving station in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. This is the Company’s first ground receiving station in North America and will enable real-time downloading of images taken of about half of the continent.

“The Gatineau Ground Receiving Station expands ImageSat’s ability to serve its customers requiring North American imagery,” said Mr. Broder. “Real-time downloading of imagery will enable us to expedite service to our North American customers, who are attracted by ImageSat’s commitment to delivering high-quality satellite imagery quickly and cost-effectively.” “It will also significantly increase the number of images we can take in a pass over the continent,” he added.

The Gatineau station, like ImageSat’s other ground receiving partners will collect imagery in its Local Catalogue and Archiving System, which may be viewed and acquired on the Internet at: www.imagenet.com or purchased through a representative by phone or fax. All of its imagery is incorporated into ImageSat’s Central Archive in Cyprus, which is accessible on ImageNetÔ through the Company’s web site: www.imagesatintl.com.

A second Canadian ground receiving station, located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, will be activated within the next few weeks, providing real-time downloading of imagery for the majority of the North American continent.

The new ground receiving stations receive data for Pasadena, California-based Core Software Technology, a strategic partner and founder of ImageSat, which manages the Company’s central imagery archive and on-line imagery database. Core is the Exclusive Master Distributor of EROS imagery in North America and is a global leader in the development of geospatial data management software and solutions.