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Imageries from India

Space Imaging has announced that imagery from India’s Resourcesat-1 satellite is now available to the commercial marketplace. Space Imaging has the exclusive worldwide rights to sell data from RESOURCESAT-1 outside of India. Imagery from RESOURCESAT-1 is available in 5-meter, 23-meter and 56-meter resolutions and is ideal for mapping, urban development, environmental monitoring, agricultural monitoring, land use planning, coastal monitoring, disaster assessment and risk management. Imagery from the satellite is comparative to imagery from the Landsat satellites.

A variety of imagery products with different spatial resolution are available from Resourcesat-1. All imagery falls under Space Imaging’s Geo family of products and are georeferenced. In addition to increased resolution, other major improvements have been made to Resourcesat-1 as compared to India’s earlier IRS-1C and IRS-1D satellites that have far outlived their designed mission lives. Imagery is now available anywhere in the world since Resourcesat-1 120 Gigabits of on-board memory unlike the previous IRS satellites. Pixel bit depth has also been improved to 7-bits (derived from 10 bits) for LISS-IV and LISS-III, and 10 bits for AWiFS.