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Imagem launches website with solutions for the Municipal Government

Thinking about how to improve urban administration, Imagem launches a new website – https://cidades.img.com.br – with five exclusive solutions for the Municipal Government segment, focusing on citizen’s welfare, reduction of bureaucracy, transparency and agility of processes.

“We believe that technology have the power of changing other people’s lives in small or big towns, by actions that integrate geographic studies, such as population density, distances and terrain’s formation, added by an analytical intelligence and an innovative use of information”, said Samuel Mota, Manager for Municipal Governments of Imagem.

The new offerings include: Accessible Information, Urban Mobility, Citizen Engagement, Administrative Efficiency, and Strategic Planning. They all run on the new platform for municipal data management of Imagem, Civitas, which has the ability to integrate different information of management and public business processes, in order to provide a holistic view of the city. Imagem has invested in the segment with the goal of developing innovative solutions to help solve the major challenges of urban governance, providing cutting edge technology and customizable services for every municipal need.

Source: Imagem