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ImageLinks provides Baghdad imagery to media outlets

ImageLinks has created an Active Archive that generates color-fused imagery of Baghdad centered on Baghdad International Airport for use by media outlets. Acquired by Digital Globe’s QuickBird satellite on March 7, 2003, the images can be accessed through the Active Archive at . Combining QuickBird 0.625-meter panchromatic and 2.5-meter color images created the high-resolution imagery. After reviewing an image overview and defining an area of interest, users can generate, display and download the resulting image to convey spatial information. Pull down menus allow users to set image size and desired scale, up to approximately 0.5 meters. Media users of the imagery must provide attribution to “ImageLinks/DigitalGlobe” as outlined on the Active Archive. This imagery of Baghdad allows media outlets to provide background information for their news coverage. Additional coverage of Baghdad is being added to the Active Archive.

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