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ImageCat releases 3D-London for managing corporate risks

Colorado, USA, April 18 2006: ImageCat, Inc., a DigitalGlobe business partner and the provider of advanced technologies for risk and disaster management, has released its 3D-City model for the City of London, United Kingdom. Created as a tool for managing corporate risks within vulnerable urban and industrial environments, the 3D-City suite is now enhanced with the addition of 3D-London, the first 3D model of its kind for the famous international city. 3D-London was developed using DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird imagery.

3D-London offers a detailed structural rendering of more than 1,000 buildings in London, including renowned structures such as the Lloyds Building, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Swiss Re “gherkin” skyscraper. 3D-London also provides attribute information about building height, number of stories, and footprint area. The model can be visualized using popular online and off-the-shelf software packages including GoogleEarth, MSN Virtual Earth, VRML, ESRI 3D Analyst and other common GIS applications.

3D-London was developed using recently captured 60-centimeter resolution QuickBird satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe. The 3D model was constructed using MIHEA, the landmark building inventory extraction tool, developed collaboratively by ImageCat and Stanford University researchers. MIHEA takes a single high-resolution satellite image and applies a series of complex mathematical models to reconstruct the 3D urban landscape. All ImageCat 3D-City models are comprehensively validated through a detailed GPS-referenced in-field survey.

ImageCat’s additional plans for 2006 include the launch of 3D-City version 1.1, in which the suite of building attributes is expanded to include additional characteristics requested by the insurance and reinsurance sectors. 3D-City models for major cities in the U.S. and Asia are scheduled for release in July 2006. This year, ImageCat will also be offering a custom 3D-City service to develop models for client-requested cities anywhere in the world.