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Image Web Server powers eLearning initiative

Recently short listed for the UK’s educational industry’s prestigious BETT award, WebBased goes strong with their new product InfoMapper, powered by Earth Resource Mapping’s Image Web Server.

InfoMapper is an Internet application that makes full use of the government’s Broadband initiative to provide all schools with Broadband Internet Connectivity. Based on Ordnance Survey Digital Maps and Aerial Photography, InfoMapper provides a remarkable way of viewing large images online as well as a mechanism whereby all InfoMapper users can create their own websites, linked to digital maps and photographs.

Adrian Beaven-Smith, WebBased’s Senior Development Manager said, “InfoMapper started out originally as a way of providing Ordnance Survey maps to schools. However, the development of Broadband has meant it can do so much more than that. Using InfoMapper teachers can now for example stream maps, aerial photography, video clips, sound files and live web cam images into a classroom in real time, adding a new dimension to lessons. It is available to over 2000 schools within the South West Grid for Learning. We simply could not have achieved any of this unique development without harnessing the power of Image Web Server.

Mick Armstrong, Earth Resource Mapping’s European General Manager said “We
are delighted with the success of WebBased and their InfoMapper product. Using Image Web Server means you can easily serve terabytes of data to unlimited numbers of users without the need for massive investment in upgrading IT infrastructures. This is therefore an extremely cost effective solution for Government e-learning initiatives and other types of web enabled enterprises that wish to take advantage of the new high resolution imagery datasets now available.”