Image handling capabilities of Cadcorp SIS enhanced with support for unlimited ECW...

Image handling capabilities of Cadcorp SIS enhanced with support for unlimited ECW export


6 February, 2007 – Digital mapping and GIS software developer Cadcorp has announced that its Cadcorp SIS – Spatial Information System now includes support for unlimited ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) data export.

Developed by Cadcorp using the latest version of ER Mapper’s ECW JPEG2000 Software Developer Kit (SDK), the new exporting capability is available within Cadcorp’s flagship desktop GIS product Cadcorp SIS Map Modeller. Map Modeller users will now be able to create highly compressed ECW or JPEG2000 files from any of the wide range of CAD, GIS and image formats supported by Cadcorp SIS.

“Until this new development, customers who make extensive use of raster data, such as aerial photography and satellite imagery, in their GIS applications were obliged to use third-party software tools when compressing raster data files larger than 500MB,” explained Mike O’Neil, Managing Director, Cadcorp.

“Now they are able to use Map Modeller for the entire workflow, with no file size limit either for reading or for exporting raster data in the ECW format. Map Modeller can even create ECW or JPEG2000 files by rendering any of its supported vector data sources, for example to use as a fast, static backdrop dataset”.

“Our ECW format is the de-facto industry standard for compressed image data, so the enhanced support of it within Cadcorp SIS is a natural step for Cadcorp, a company that is as supportive of industry standards and data interoperability,” commented Cristina Robinson Marras, General Manager, ER Mapper UK.

The new capability is now shipping with Map Modeller Version 6.2 Service Release 4 (SR4).

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