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ILS to strengthen Nigeria’s land information system

Calabar, Nigeria: International Land Systems (ILS) has been given a contract to implement GIS for the government of Cross River State of Nigeria. Teqbridge Limited, the authorised ILS software distributor for Nigeria, is partnered with ILS in this project.

The Cross River State GIS Fast Track Project aims to establish the Cross River Geographic Information System (CRGIS) which will act as a central repository for all land information in the state. The implementation of ILS MultiCadastre, ILS LRS and ILS Cashier will be employed to manage and maintain property records and cadastral information and will serve as the cornerstone of the project.  

Supplementary activities include the establishment of a geodetic reference system and the improvement of the institutional framework of land institutions. The project is expected to help enhance revenue generation on land-based transactions, optimise workflows in land use planning and create a reliable foundation for future land reform initiatives. Local staff would also be trained in the necessary workflows related to the project.

Nigel Edmead, Manager, ILS Project, said, “Cross River State is actively promoting itself as a pro-business, reform orientated state seeking to minimise the time and bureaucracy required to acquire land titles. Citizens and investors alike benefit through improved land tenure security. In establishing the CRGIS as a service agency, Cross River State is showing its commitment to streamlining land delivery functions under a unified land agency which will be fully supported by ILS’ registry and cadastral tools.”

Source: ILS