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ILS to assist in Amazon conservation effort

Bolivia: International Land Systems (ILS) in partnership with Chemonics International will assist in improving the conservation and sustainable use of Bolivia’s vast biodiversity through the USAID-funded Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Bolivian Lowlands Activity under the Proyecto Amazónico Integrado (Integrated Amazonian Project).  

Deforestation in Bolivia’s Amazon Basin in recent decades has increased at an alarming rate. At the same time, the legal structure in the lowlands of Bolivia remains ineffective at preventing widespread destruction of the country’s natural resources. The five-year project aims to empower municipal governments, local civil society organisations and local timber companies to build a sustainable forest management framework while promoting economic growth for local indigenous communities that use the forest’s natural resources.

“Many of Bolivia’s lowland municipalities lack simple maps showing where the resources are and where the population is. This is an obvious impediment to advancing natural resource administration in the region,” said Marcelo Viscarra, Project Manager, ILS. “Updating the area’s geographic information will be crucial to the successful implementation of the project and will give these communities the ability to manage land rights,” continued Viscarra.

Activities will utilise ILS’s MultiCadastre solution which, based on ESRI enterprise software, manages, maps and analyses large volumes of cadastral data.

Source: ILS