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ILMF 2012 calls for papers

US: The International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF), event for the LiDAR industry attracting professionals from all over the world, called for papers for the 2012 event. It is scheduled to be held in Denver, Colorado, during January 23-25, 2012. The event is supported by ASPRS and MAPPS.

The ILMF Technical Committee lead by Conference Chairman Alastair MacDonald from TMSI invited papers on a number of topics all of which can be found on the website . Abstracts should be no more than 250 words and can be submitted online at the aforementioned website address. The deadline is September 7, 2011.

The ILMF is an essential event for anyone operating in or connected with mapping as it is applicable in many areas: forestry or landscape management; utilities including gas and power lines, roads and railways, and even along national coastlines and estuaries. The latest sector which is driving a major new sector is mobile mapping, where LiDAR data on urban objects such as buildings, roads features is being collected in significant quantities to form part of map applications on mobile smartphones and other devices.

A key focus for this event is the three day Technical Conference, where speakers from the international LiDAR community will be reporting on latest technology advances and recent projects, highlighting actual experiences and lessons learned in aerial and bathymetric LiDAR with a focus on mobile mapping. Technology advances resulting in faster and more compact data capture systems are reshaping the LiDAR mapping market. Combining these with complementary data processing and visualisation systems is now opening up a whole new range of applications, and more importantly, introducing new end-customers to the cost benefits of LiDAR mapping. All this bodes well for an internationally expanding LiDAR market. With the falling cost per mile of data capture and processing, surveys can now be conducted more often and updated more frequently.

Another key component is the exhibition that will feature more than 50 leading companies in this rapidly growing global market showcasing new LiDAR products and a wide range of new technologies and services. Exhibitors include the LiDAR and complementary sensor manufacturers, survey service companies, data processing, GIS and management specialists and the latest mobile mapping vehicles. The exhibition also houses an informative array of technical posters from academia and industry.

Conference Chairman Alastair MacDonald commented, “The LiDAR scanners now arriving on the market are smaller, faster and cheaper to operate, and in addition to driving new applications and user sectors, their cost-efficiency is enabling greater volumes of mapping work to be undertaken than ever before.”

The Conference Program is complemented by Technical workshops which are hosted by exhibiting companies and are aimed at providing novice operators and their managers and potential purchasers of equipment with an understanding of the basic principles and fundamental benefits and technology associated with LIDAR whilst providing the more seasoned experts with up-to-date information on current developments. Delegates can dip in and out of these sessions and follow up with exhibiting companies at their booths to become fully aware of the products and opportunities offered within the LIDAR market.

Source: https://www.lidarmap.org/