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Illinois county parcel data available in Geo-Referenced formats

Rockford Map Publishers, the Midwest’s land ownership data provider, has moved its data into the world of GIS with its latest product, RMP SmartImages. For the first time in Illinois, county parcel data are available in geo-referenced formats on CD-ROM. Rockford Map’s well-known plat book data have been referenced to a geographic coordinate system for use with various mapping applications. These data are easily integrated with other GIS datasets for spatial display and analysis.

Plat data include ownership and acreage information for each parcel of land and contain indices to both owners and roads. RMP SmartImages are raster scans of published plat book pages, geo-referenced to 1:24000 PLSS grids in State Plane NAD 83 projection. The individual geo-referenced images are brought together into a single mosaic image, creating seamless countywide coverage in TIF format. RMP Smart images have “positional accuracy”; that is, they have map features that are related to specific control points for “real world” location. RMP SmartImages are compatible with most desktop mapping systems such as ArcView®, MapInfo®, and AutoCAD®.

Many business sectors require this resource for spatial analysis of information. The enhanced maps are suitable for various sectors including: Land Development, Forestry, Aerial Sprayers, Emergency 911, Insurance, Government, Engineers, Surveyors, Utilities, Telecommunications, Risk Appraisal and Disaster Management. With the RMP SmartImages now available, these organizations are able to adapt the maps to suit their needs. For example, a user may have a layer of flood plain data that they want to correlate with parcel data to determine which parcels are at risk during flood season. By importing geo-referenced images that line up as a layer with the coordinates of other related data, users may analyze the overlay effect of the different data sets.