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IKONOS Stereo Imagery to be used for Forest Management and Landslide Mapping of British Columbia

British Columbia, Canada, 13 April 2007: McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd (MCSL), in conjunction with the British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range, has released a report on the use of IKONOS high resolution stereo imagery for forest management and landslide mapping. A one year research project was undertaken to map forest lands and other landforms on the west coast of Vancouver Island, using IKONOS stereo imagery and the technique of softcopy photogrammetry.

The use of stereoscopic high resolution imagery and softcopy photogrammetry is expected to allow for digitizing in 3D which can greatly improve the efficiency of interpretation and identification of forest cover, landform characteristics and the calculation of slope, elevation, landslide volumes and other features. Recommendations regarding colour composites of stereoscopic IKONOS images to be used and temporal resolutions of images for forest management applications are also outlined in the report.

Mr. Kliparchuk, lead analyst from MCSL states, “Using high resolution stereopairs increases the efficiency in acquiring land information in a timely manner. This is especially useful for remote regions and time sensitive mapping.” For more information visit British Columbia government website https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/rco/research/.

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