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IKONOS cuts prices of high detailed imagery

Russia: In anticipation of the imaging season of 2010, ScanEx RDC and European Space Imaging Company (EUSI) reduced prices for highly-detailed IKONOS images. Currently archives of EUSI and Space Imaging of Middle East (SIME), which are being updated up from 2000 to 2009, contain images covering the total area of more than 22 million sq. km.

IKONOS data from European and Middle East branches of space imaging (EUSI and SIME) archives as well as satellite mosaics already prepared on the basis of this data can be obtained at a price of USD 5 per 1 sq. km before May 31. The minimal ordering area is 50 sq. km only and the area of ready mosaics depends on the region selected by the customer. Special conditions apply to stereo imagery as well at a price of USD 10 per 1 sq. km. ScanEx also takes orders for preparation of new IKONOS mosaics at a special price (Prices do not include VAT).

IKONOS highly-detailed data (up to 0.8 m in panchromatic and 3.2 m in multispectral modes) are rightfully in high demand and are used for plotting and updating maps and plans (up to the scale of 1:5000), digital elevation models, solution of urban and land planning tasks, ecological monitoring and assessment of environmental changes, etc. When joined into one frame, seamless mosaics properly colour-balanced, in their turn, can be the basis for creation and development of geoportals.

Source: ScanEx