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III LAAD Security Seminar will bring a comparison between national and international security intelligence

A comparison of security intelligence in Brazil with international security, accompanied by an analysis of the key risks that threaten the big events and the strategies needed to ensure its realization, will be the central focus of the “Security for Major Events” module, which will happen on April 10, during the III LAAD Security Seminar, concurrent to the LAAD Security 2014 fair. The seminar aims to present and discuss the actions and projects needed to ensure an effective security system in macro events such as the World Cup and the Olympics.

In the panel “Major Events Intelligence Security Operations”, Colonel Cesar Augusto de Brito Naylor, Naylor, Intelligence Supervisor of the Infrastructure, Security and Prevention Services Board of Rio de Janeiro’s government, will define the concept of security intelligence and show how the planning for major events is done. “The focus will be the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio, in which the greatest challenge to our security system will be the integration of all levels of activities in the municipal and state levels” said Colonel Naylor.

The specialist will compare national with international security intelligence and do a survey of the main threats in major events, as well as an analysis of actual risks, demonstrating how the integration of intelligence should be done among participating countries in these events. According to Colonel Naylor, the aim of the lecture is to show the public that there is a well structured planning for the security of such events worldwide.

Besides the “Security for Major Events” module, there will be the “Public Safety” and “Corporate Security” modules, which will be held on 8 and 9 April, respectively. The full program of the seminar can be found at www.laadsecurity.com.br.

Source: LAAD 2014