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IHS acquires XeDAR Corporation

Englewood, USA: IHS Inc., global providers of critical technical information, decision support tools and related services to customers in the energy, defense, aerospace, construction and automotive industries, announced today that it has acquired XeDAR Corporation, a developer and provider of geospatial information products and services, for approximately $28 million.

The IHS team is looking forward to working with the XeDAR team to create even greater value for global energy customers. XeDAR Corporation is a provider of technology-driven geospatial and land information solutions that provide federal, state and local agencies, as well as key oil and gas, natural resource and utility clients, with imagery processing solutions and related land information management and integration solutions. The company plans to provide cost-effective imagery, information products, and land records management services that can be integrated directly into clients’ workflows to improve operational efficiencies.

XeDAR collects high-resolution aerial digital imagery, both multispectral and laser, then processes and enhances the resulting data for government and commercial clients. Its geographic information systems (GIS) and land information systems (LIS) services provide government, natural resource, utility and oil and gas clients with land database information
products and production services related to the creation, automation or enhancement of land records and custom mapping.

Source : ihs.com